A bit of everything

Some holidays cannot be categorized properly, because we combine hiking, cycling and visiting cultural places of interest into one long, varied journey. If you see us driving, it might look like we’re moving house, but if you want to hike and cycle and just drive around at will, you will end up with a full trunk.

The menu at Quique Da Costa. Delicious!

Spain in 2015

This is our third trip to Spain and though we revisited some of the places we’ve been before – because of the great food, mainly – we also crossed to the Mediterranean coast for some new sights. We hiked, biked, visited an ancient fortress and a nice zoo and had the most amazing food.

The Colloseum

Rome in 2019

Since my Mom and I were the only – interested – ones left in the family who hadn’t seen Rome, we decided to just go ahead and do it. We planned it ourselves and walked everywhere, visiting all the ancient monuments and fashion stores and modern musea with equal curiosity.

A forest lane near Wesel

Wesel, Germany in 2019

The area around Wesel has a varied offer of activities and we spent a long, relaxed weekend there: we biked through the quiet rural districts, visited a Roman archeaological site and shopped in Düsseldorf.