Perfect Underwear 2: weekend bra

Note that the size of the bra is a bit too big for the mannequin, so it looks a bit rumpled. You can see the five thread stitch used to close the darts. Requirements cotton fabric, because it's less stinky than synthetic fabricno underwire, because an underwire is less comfortablea moulded cup, to have support… Continue reading Perfect Underwear 2: weekend bra

Easily satisfied

I must have woken up ten times during the night, every time I wanted to turn I got my legs tangled up in the linen sleeve inside the sleeping bag.. nevertheless I feel rested when the alarm goes at six thirty. We undertake a first express expedition to the facilities, it's not raining! Breakfast is… Continue reading Easily satisfied

How to pack for a bike camping trip

Next week Thursday my Mom and I are leaving on a week long bike trip. Corona is still limiting the travel options and I wanted a budget friendly holiday, so we're keeping it simple: we leave from home on the bikes, with just some clothes, a bar of soap and camping stuff, take three days… Continue reading How to pack for a bike camping trip


Admittedly, this summary is a bit later than planned, in my defense we came home Sunday evening, I did some laundry, we had food and went to bed. Next day up at six to go to work, by bike. So now we're Thursday and this is the first free moment I've had to look back… Continue reading Summary

A short way back home

Breakfast is served at the table in a large, empty dining room, I think we must be the only guests in this hotel. Some restaurant and hotel people say it's a bit quiet, but not too bad, mainly the foreign tourists are missing. Other hotel owners say it's been too quiet and are worried about… Continue reading A short way back home


The usual breakfast routine, the restaurant chef brings us a selection of fruits, cheeses and meats and makes us eggs on demand. Out before nine, we decide to do a little detour to see the Venner Moor nature reserve that gives the hotel its name. We can't see much of it from the road and… Continue reading Up

Views from hills

Up at seven, breakfast half an hour later, gone before nine. Today will probably the hottest day of the week and I prepped some packing yesterday, just so we could leave early enough. Arne wakes up a bit woozy, he's always been a bit bothered like that by antihistamines. Hopefully the grumpiness disappears during the… Continue reading Views from hills

Itchy! And hot!

Not a good night, I would say. Too hot! And too itchy! We opened the windows at some point, desperate to the point that we're willing to risk the extra bug bite and that seems to help a bit. Not many bugs either, I suppose the swallows and bats take care of those. A wet… Continue reading Itchy! And hot!

Sunny hills

Alarm at seven, we slept okay, not too hot in the room fortunately. We go down to the breakfast room, they have just switched back to the classic buffet system, but ask that you follow a one way tour throughout the area to avoid close contact with others, though there is no requirement to wear… Continue reading Sunny hills