I like writing. It’s not really about reaching a big audience (you can tell by the number of followers), but I like sharing my thoughts and enjoy the process. To be honest, I started writing because my memory is pretty bad and I wanted a way to help me remember stuff later. So I guess I myself am one of my most avid readers 🙂

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  • The travels category is self-explanatory: you will find a mix of nature and history, mostly in Western Europe.
  • Day trips are even more local. I live in urbanized Flanders so green is sparse, but we have history to spare. I’m not picky, I like anything from prehistorical sites to modern architecture.
  • The maker’s corner is not really a chronological blog, instead it has a list of product sheets of doohickeys that I designed/made myself.
  • Vignettes are really new still and for now I’ve only published my first essay. I’m still feeling my way, more is to come soon!

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