driving – culture

When we feel like exploring far corners of Western Europe, we load up the car with some clothes, hiking or cycling gear, grab the necessary electronics and take off. I love the freedom of being able to pick the day’s activities without having to worry about the distance and we both enjoy the drive itself.


Syria in 2009

Two thirty-something couples in a rental car, around Syria in ten days: from Damascus west to Palmyra, then to Aleppo and Latakia by the sea and south again.


Italy-Belgium in 2017

I had travelled to Italy by plane for work and since it was my birth day, Arne came to pick me up. We met up in Como and then meandered back to Belgium, taking our time and stopping at whatever spot / monument / natural wonder that took our fancy.

Sudely Castle

UK & Scotland in 2019

We’re meeting up with family in Scotland and we’ve decided once again to make a road trip out of it. We’re ridiculously lucky with the weather by English/Scottish standards. Focussing mainly on historical monuments, we visit anything from ancient to Roman to medieval and rennaissance monuments. All of it accompagnied by facts and figures from Wikipedia and interspersed with the occasional hike to loosen up.

Krka National Park

Croatia in 2016

Everybody said it’s so pretty, so we decided to check it out for ourselves and did a two week road trip to, through and back from Croatia. Some of the National Parks were really nice and the old cities were impressive, but even though we were travelling in low season, there were just so many tourists.


WW I Western Front in 2017

We’re both interested in history and decided to honour the remembrance of the Great War by following the western front line, visiting museums and learning more about the First World War. We were both educated by the facts and moved by the stories.


Sweden in 2018

We’re meeting up with friends in Sweden and we decided to make a road trip out of it. We take 17 days to drive through Germany, Denmark and Sweden visiting castles and monuments, with the occasional hike to enjoy nature, all of it in scorching temperatures of an exceptional heat wave.