Maker’s corner

I’m kind of stubborn, I often think I know better and I like to tinker. As a result, when I see/feel a product shaped hole in my life I often try to fill it by making that something myself, even though there are generic solutions already out there. I have enormous fun gathering the requirements, then making a design and finally cobbling something together, usually with the help of friends/family.

So here we are with a gallery of stuff, sometimes just the one prototype that doesn’t even have basic documentation but sometimes with a detailed production sheet. Did I mention I’m a software analyst? My work habits might be bleeding over a bit into my hobbies..

A THICK body warmer

Requirements must be made of the really big, really warm sleeping bag we haven’t used in years because it’s too warm must be warm must have a high collar and warm pockets Design This is a bit an upside down way of designing a clothing item. The main requirement is to use the old sleeping… Continue reading A THICK body warmer

Perfect Underwear 2: weekend bra

Requirements cotton fabric, because it’s less stinky than synthetic fabric no underwire, because an underwire is less comfortable a moulded cup, to have support without squishing Design We must have made four prototypes for this bra, each time improving the design a bit more or choosing better types of fabric/elastic. In the end we decided… Continue reading Perfect Underwear 2: weekend bra