Monasterio de Piedra

We pack up, give the local kittens a last hug and leave the B&B. Fernando has told us about a monasterio on the road to Zaragoza. Arne drives, it’s a relatively new high way and very comfortable. Also a bit boring.

The road to the Monasterio del Piedra itself is more challenging, as its location is quite remote. We eat our prepared lunch (the same as usual: bread with cheese, ham, tomato and mayo) and enter the park. It’s almost like a theme park with lots of school kids, places to eat and a souvenir shop. The entrance of the park is not very impressive and we get slightly annoyed at the noisy teenagers. However when we walk on the teenagers remain behind and we see some spectacular waterfalls and a quiet ravine.

After the park we drive on to the Mediterranean coast. We had mailed the B&B (El Secanet in Algimia de Alfara) and have arranged to have dinner there, as we expected to be quite late.  Salva and Gemma don’t speak any English, but we can manage to understand their Spanish when they talk slowly enough. We choose a slightly bigger room than planned, since we’re under budget so far (cheap lunches). We have a great meal and go to sleep.

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