not fens, bogs!

We're getting used to having nothing to do but walk, cook and eat! We're going through the books and TV entertainment quickly, but luckily we came prepared with much to read and watch, so we're not worried that we'll get bored. After the usual morning routine (with some leftover chicken berberé for the sandwhiches today),… Continue reading not fens, bogs!

Perfect Underwear 2: weekend bra

Note that the size of the bra is a bit too big for the mannequin, so it looks a bit rumpled. You can see the five thread stitch used to close the darts. Requirements cotton fabric, because it's less stinky than synthetic fabricno underwire, because an underwire is less comfortablea moulded cup, to have support… Continue reading Perfect Underwear 2: weekend bra

Easily satisfied

I must have woken up ten times during the night, every time I wanted to turn I got my legs tangled up in the linen sleeve inside the sleeping bag.. nevertheless I feel rested when the alarm goes at six thirty. We undertake a first express expedition to the facilities, it's not raining! Breakfast is… Continue reading Easily satisfied