an unexpected hike

Breakfast outside, tomatoes, cucumber and paprika with a soft fresh cheese. Arne walks to the store nearby to get a supply of bottled water. The reception informs us that Jogi has called to let us know that there might be a problem with the plans due to the strong wind. I call him back and he explains that the wind is too strong (8 m/s) for the trip we had planned. He will investigate whether another location would be okay (less wind) and will let us know. We’re already packed and dressed for kayak, so we simple settle down on the terrace with a book to wait for the final verdict. Around eleven he lets us know that the conditions are too dangerous and kayaking on sea would not be a good idea.

At the reception we ask for some tips about what we could do and they give us a topological map with bicycle and hiking trails. We decide to set off on foot from the hotel and do a big tour that should be on marked trails and not too difficult to follow. We adapt our clothes to the new plan, fill the backpack with the picnic, water and essentials and go for it.

First we hike from the waterfront up the hillside, to reach one of the ridges that run parallel along the island. Next we walk along the ridge with the sun at our backs. The sun is very warm on the ridge but there is indeed a very strong wind so we don’t get too hot. Lunch on a bench with a view, then on until there is no more island ahead of us. We go back down to sea level on a charming trail that must be used very rarely, since we have to duck and weave our way through weeds and scrubs so dense that at times the path itself is almost invisible. Once we’re out we reapply a thick layer of sun screen (so thick you could write in it like on a dirty car), get some extra water from a local and cross the valley to the next ridge. We pass by a monument for the victims of a concentration camps that the Italians had here during WWII for Croats and Jews, amongst others.

We start back up another ridge, which is covered in old forest and part of a park that is supposed to have deer and mouflons. Predictably we don’t spot any, but the path through the forest is very pretty: a small trail shaded by the trees, with even footing. When we reach the water again we follow the promenade back to Rab city and the hotel. Hot shower, sorting pictures, and out to share a huge fish platter in one of the restaurants at the harbour. Some writing (this log) and deciding the plan for tomorrow, when we’ll leave Rab and drive to Zadar.

Today’s statistics: 24.574 steps, 17,35 km, 111 floors

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