The alarm is at seven, but we’re awake before that. The swallows are very active and very noisy. One of them must have been sitting on our balcony railing, it was so loud. The breakfast buffet is very extensive, there are a lot of older people around in biking clothes, we expect they must be a group or taking part in an organized activity. We sit outside in the sun and enjoy freshly pressed juice, bircher müsli with pineapple, kiwi and choco and a pancake.

The weather is nice now, but they have promised rain later in the day. We pack the sun screen, wallets, phone and camera in my new Mandarina Duck bag (acquired at the airport in Milan specifically for occasions like these) and drive to Zadar. It’s quite busy in town, we see groups with a guide that is carrying a plaque with a number and the name Solara Cruises. We suppose these are from the cruise ship that is docked in town. We see groups number 15 and 16, we can only hope groups 1 to 14 are elsewhere.

We walk through to the town stopping briefly at the oldest buildings and reading the information panels. There is room enough to walk, but not enough to take a tourist free photograph. The towns charm is greatly diminished by the tourists. We only visit one church on the inside, the high round St. Donatius that looks more like a tower than a church. Early lunch, back at the hotel around 2 pm. Sort pictures, swim, then our romantic bath and a light dinner at the smallest hotel restaurant.

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