to Dubrovnik

beach & drive (7.900 steps, 5,58 km, 50 floors)

We’re driving to Dubrovnik today and want to take the ferry at 3 pm. We get up late (after 8 am), we have a long breakfast (pancakes with Nutella and strawberries, again) and take our time packing. We make the final arrangements for our guide to Dubrovnik, who was recommended to us by the owners of the Mljet hotel. We check out around 11 am and drive to the nearby Mala Saplunara beach. We have prepared our usual lunch and take a bag with towels, water and books to the sandy beach. Arne takes a short swim, but mainly we read. Around 1 pm we take off to catch the ferry. Again we really don’t want to miss it because the next one is hours later.

There are almost no other cars on the road, so it’s a fun drive across the island. The ferry is docked, but there’s no movement. We park ourselves next to the one other waiting car and get installed in the nearby café to wait for further developments. We’re making great progress with our books, but don’t mind some extra time to read. 3 pm approaches, but still no movement. We check around and it seems the ferry is only going at 4. More time to read..

The ferry leaves at 4, not much cars or people on it. Back on the mainland we follow the coastal road south. This is actually the only big road in this area, but today it is relatively quiet. Sometimes there is a slow tourist that we have to pass, which is quite an adventure on such a curvy road, but with all the acceleration that 293 hp will give you we’re easily capable of overtaking a slow car even if the straight stretches are a bit short.

After a couple of hours, we arrive in the Dubrovnik area. After 4 U-turns on the same bit of road, we finally see the house we need and a parking spot nearby. This time it’s an apartment with a small kitchen and a table for two. We get installed and head out to town. We have marked a couple of restaurants on Google Maps, which score well on TripAdvisor.

It turns out that in Dubrovnik you have roads for cars (running along the coast) and then stairs for pedestrians going up or down the hill. In our case the old town is close by (700 m away), but most of the road is stairways. Down is easy, up back to the hotel will require a bit more effort. We go through the West Gate and have a small walk through town, to restaurant Lajk. We share a Greek salad and an octopus salad, I have a burger and Arne fried calamari rings.

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