See Wikiloc trail here!

Today we have an easier walk planned: we’ll follow the Jägersteig, which is a marked trail with the quality stamp of Premiumwanderweg, we’re not entirely sure what that means but assume it must be a good thing. We take the train to Aha and set off along the Uferweg, which we assume to be the boring part of the walk. It’s cloudy but not snowing, the snow on the path is melting and slushy, but we look forward to the forest hike later. We have a nut bar on the look-out pagoda in the town of Schluchsee and then set off to climb up to the Ahaberg and Bildstein. It’s a long and steep climb and we’re definitely warm enough now. We have another nut snack at a viewpoint halfway as lunch, they’re pretty nutritious and calorific. Again there is a lot of snow and there are animal tracks in the snow, but no other hikers.

On the slopes of the Ahaberg we take a little detour along some sort of educational path, where wood cuts of animal silhouettes are spread out along the track. I take a misleading picture of a group of boar. The woods are a bit more open here and you can see further, but still we don’t spot any wildlife. It starts to snow heavily and I try to capture it on camera, but it’s hard to catch the peculiar light and stillness on digital film.

It keeps snowing all the way down to the train station. The quality stamp of Premiumwanderweg is supposed to mean that the path is well maintained and the way well indicated, in the case of the Jägersteig we have no complaints.

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