to the Ravennaschlucht

It’s Sunday and we plan to take a short hike through the Ravennaschlucht, visiting a popular Christmas market located where the gorge starts. We set out in heavy snow and are even warned by a local that the path may be closed, but we decide it can’t be much worse than the Rappenfels and go on. The heavy snow turns to heavy rain before we start the descent, we manage a quick bite sheltered by a plate signposting the track.

The track turns out to be closed in winter indeed (auf eigene Verantworting), but we see quite some recent tracks so we decide to risk it. It is very wet and slippery and we don’t have much occasion to enjoy the nice views of the gorge, but we make it safely through to the Christmas market. The market is atmospheric with Christmas lights and smells, but there are not many people and the underground is extremely icy and slippery. We have some gluhwein (from white wine!) and a bratwurst for lunch, buy some presents for family and decide to take the shuttle bus back to Hinterzarten.

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