cycling 700 km around Burgundy

we did a small bicycle trip last year, cycling 450 km from home to Reims in five days, but this year we have bigger plans: a 650 km tour around the Burgundy area in France, following canal towpaths and through the vineyards.

half of the success is of course in the preparation and this is both easier and more difficult for a bike trip: there’s not much to pack because all of your luggage has to fit on the bike, but you have to choose carefully what you’re taking and what you’re leaving behind.

a lot of the stuff is on the list by default: camera gear, bike reparation stuff, rain jackets and bike helmets, .. the difficulty for me is in which clothes to take! we’re expecting variable weather, meaning some rain and some sun, should I take my warm cycling pants? do I need short shorts? handy for warm rainy days, but not so handy when the sun is shining and your legs are getting sunburned.

one thing is easy: since I have an electronic book reader I can take any number of books I want and can easily get new ones, as long as there is wifi!

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