back home

alarm is at six thirty, breakfast is planned at seven, because we need to take the train back home. we pack up for the last time and ride the three kilometers to the train station, arriving way too early, especially as it turns out our train is delayed by twenty minutes. no panic, we should still have enough time to ride through Paris from the Paris Bercy to Paris Nord station, so we hang up our bikes in the special compartment and settle down to read.

In Paris we follow cell phone navigation to the other train station and do it about twice as fast as ten days ago in the other direction, since we luckily have mostly green lights. it’s pretty busy and sometimes we have to ride on the bus lane, but if you’re brazen enough the car drivers will give you room. we get to the Paris Nord train station with time to spare and buy a sandwich for lunch, before repeating the whole loading process with bikes and luggage, this time on a TGV.

upon arrival in Lille Europe, we move bikes and luggage for the final time in/on the car and drive home. we’re happy with the trip: great landscapes, lots of wildlife, nice food and wines, good company! we didn’t get to see much of the cultural heritage, but we’re determined to head back later with a car to visit all the castles, cities, churches, ruins, .. that we missed.

the final statistics:

  • total distance: 704,6 km
  • distance today: 8,5 km
  • cycling hours today: 0:39 h
  • average speed today: 13 km/h

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