Sweden: in retrospect..

got home a week ago, I swear I needed some time to recover from the holiday (long days in the car) but especially to get used to the work rythm again: a bit less sleep, long days in an office chair, then some time in traffic jams, ..

time for a small retrospective conclusion !

I loved our road trip to Sweden because of (in no particular order):

  • rock carvings and rune stones in Sweden: so cool !
  • a new appreciation for renaissance castles, one of the advantages being that they are mostly still standing with much of their interior decorating intact
  • silver lining of long car drives: lots of good music
  • so much green space in Sweden, with so few people, great for hiking or just hanging around with friends
  • spending quality time with friends
  • no mosquitos ! this was a suprise, but I read that it’s due to the long dry period, preventing them from hatching new generations

what I liked a bit less:

  • sleeping in hot stuffy hotel rooms without air conditioning
  • not much down time to just sit around and read/write

if you’re into balance sheets, you’ll admit this one looks good. if you’re not, then you’re wondering what my gut feeling says and I can tell you: it feels good!

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