AM nature – PM technology

Some frost on the car this morning, though it’s sunny. We’re sleeping in an inn, so we feel it’s a good occasion for an English breakfast. Besides, we’ll be doing a hike this mmorning so we can use the extra calories. At the car park near Broadway tower we put on our winter hiking gear and set off. First to the folly itself and then all the way down the hill to Broadway village, following the Cotswolds way. Most of these footpaths are not on a separate path or road, but cross the fields one after one, climbing over stiles and through gates for livestock. As we start off the view into the distance is obscured by low hanging clouds, but as the morning progresses the sky clears up and we can see the surrounding hills. We pass a farmer doing mysterious farming things with a big machine and droves of sheep with young lambs, some of them (the lambs, I mean) very frolicky.

Broadway itself is pretty in the typical Cotswolds way with large yellow stone houses and manors, surround by bucolic fields and rolling hills. We climb back up following a track amongst the trees. There are masses of snowdrops about to bloom and we spot some roe deer in the fields, the sun is out, we’re enjoying it.

A quick lunch at the fancy café up on the hill and then back in the car for a longer drive. We’re in the mood for something more modern so we visit the R.A.F. museum in Cosford. 4£ for the parking, but the museum itself is free and really interesting if you’re into fighter planes. Four hangars full of planes, from WW I fighters, to WW II bombers, to later test models and prototypes of jet fighters and more modern craft. Additionally, several types of propeller engines and a half disassembled jet engine, very interesting to see.

A long drive to Liverpool, this time highway all the way so a bit more relaxing. Dinner out, late in bed.

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