to Rome

My mom and I are finally visiting Rome! My husband visited it in high school, so did one of my sisters, but for my mom and I it just didn’t happen before. So now we’ve simply decided to make a city trip out of it to see the famous roman buildings, visit the Vatican city museum and do some extensive window shopping.

Early flight tomorrow, so tonight we’re sleeping at the airport, in a fancy hotel just across from the departure terminal. The check-in desks are about 200 m away, so we can sleep until six am and still have plenty of time left to catch our flight. Arrival in Rome around ten, train to the center of town, drop of our carry-on luggage at the hotel and then we’ll get started! We have five days, so plenty of time to wander around town as well as see the major highlights. We’re expecting some rain, but looking on the bright side we expect less people in the streets as well.

Are we well prepared? On one side we have a map with all the things we want to see, a rough schedule and even a walk for Sunday, on the other side we haven’t bought any tickets except for the Vatican city museum, so I’m hoping we can still get tickets for the colosseum..

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