extra: organic/vegetarian

Since I had posted my journal of yesterday before we went out for dinner, this is an extra short piece about the delicious food. Normally I don’t make such a fuss and stick with just a few adjectives, but this was unusual enough to merit a bit more space. It was only a fifteen minute walk from our hotel and according to the rain radar the worst was over, so we decided put on our rain jacketes, take an umbrella each and brave it. It was not so bad the first few minutes, but soon we had lightning and thunder right on top of us – you can tell by counting the delay between the light flash and the start of the sound – and were in the middle of a downpour of biblical proportions. We were already committed so we pushed on, with our jeans soon completely saturated with water. At least I know the way by heart, so no need to hesitate at crossroads.

At the hotel we politely asked if we could have some towels and managed to get our jeans from soaking wet to extremely moist. Finally dry enough not to leak as we walk, we went up to the top floor. The restaurant is supposed to have a marvelous view, but of course with such rain there was only black outside. We ordered the small menu and were treated to five courses of vegetarian organic gourmet food. The chef aims to use minimal fats and sugar as well and we were not quite sure what to expect, but this really was the best vegetarian menu I ever had.

  • appetizer: carrot / some kind of creamy white mousse
  • strawberry, basil ice cream and tomato coulis
  • pumpkin / mushroom paté with young shoots
  • vegan ‘spaghetti carbonara’ with seitan
  • potato rösti, mozarella, dried tomato and fried briend
  • sorbet of kaki fruit
  • dessert for me: chocolate bavarois (raw) and for mom: tiramisu

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