hop east

Up at six, lots to do today! Arne wants to spend some quality time with his computer, so after breakfast I head over to my Mom to continue our sewing projects. We’re making a fleece vest and the first job is to make a pattern. That’s my Mom’s specialty and not really something I can help with – except to give my opinion on the exact positioning of the seams, the length of the sleeves, etc. – so I continue working on yesterday’s Eureka idea. We still have a lot of small pieces of children’s fabric left over, too small to use for clothes. When Mom mentioned yesterday that she might throw them away, I immediately thought we could make a plaid instead. Not a quilt, because quilting is a technique that I don’t know much about, but some complicated design using all the fabrics. And so we spend the morning: Mom with her paper and me with Inkscape on the computer, each making a pattern.

Back home at two thirty as agreed, we pack the car with everything we might need for a week in a rental holiday home: the usual (as per the ‘packing for holidays list’) and the extra stuff we’ll want for the kitchen. We leave around five and spend the next half hour remembering what we forgot to take. Nothing important, we’ll manage!

It’s about a two hour drive, just a short hop to the east. Most of the drive is in the dark, though we know these highways so well that we’re not feeling that we’re missing out. We do a short supply run in a highway rest stop, we expect to eat late and are in need of chips! I swear, our chips/ice cream consumption has increased tremendously since the first lock down. Arrival around seven, dinner (we took some spaghetti sauce from the freezer at home) at eight, followed by a TV night. It takes a bit of an effort, but Arne manages to set it up so that we can watch Disney+, we’ve just subscribed and are looking forward to The Mandalorian.

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