To Bilbao! Bilboa!

I’m taking off today on a city trip to Bilboa (Spain), internationally known as Bilbao. Not to be confused with Balboa, as in Rocky Balboa. I’ll meet my mom, who left for Bilboa from Belgium about 4 weeks and 2000 km ago. 2000 km!

I took a local train this morning at 7:13, switched to the express airport train in Antwerp and am now dawdling in the airport, way too early for my flight to Bilbao. No worries, I’ve downloaded a few episodes of House, a few Spotify playlists and a truckload of books, so there’s no way I could get bored. I will spend the next two hours slowly migrating to the gate 500 m away from my current sunny spot with a view of the tarmac, with a quick stop to buy Belgian pralines for my mom.

ETA in Bilbao city center is about 4 pm, we’ll check into the AirBnB appartment, find a bicycle shop where we can get a bike box, arrange the DHL pick-up, do some grocery shopping and then settle in for a four relaxing days. On the to do list are a few museums, a few restaurants, some (window) shopping and perhaps a hike along the coastline nearby.

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