Via Verde

Today we do the planned bicycle trip on the Via Verde del FC. Vasco Navarro I and a part of II. We park the car in the suburbs of Vitoria-Gasteiz and start cycling. We find the start of the route by matching our position on Google Maps to the map of the Via Verde itself. The path is asphalt and then tierra compactada. It goes steadily upwards, but never more than a couple of percent. we pass by reservoir lake again, but this time on higher ground.

The Vias Verde always follow old railroad tracks, so they are relatively flat. We cycle alternatively on raised dikes above or gullies below the surrounding land. The tierra compactada can mean anything from comfortable gravel to rocky paths that make your whole bike shake. Fortunately it’s usually quite comfortable. At the end of the track we turn about and ride back. The way down is much much easier than the way up, even if the slope is quite small. We’re back in Vitoria in time for lunch and have a Menu del dia for 12.5 €, including starter, main dish, desert, water and wine. It might be the exercise, but it tastes really well. It’s a bit annoying to find your way by bike in the city, so we go straight to the start of part II.

After three kilometers of normal road we come to the start, 100m further on my rear tire blows. It’s an actual audible pop and then a sharp steady hiss. Ten seconds later it’s completely flat. We had asked my dad to lend us his equipment and the hole was so big you could see it. My hands remember how to fix a tire even if my brain doesn’t and after ten minutes we can continue. 

All along that ride we can see birds of prey circling. We drive up to a sanctuary and then turn back towards Vitoria. It becomes quite a bit cooler in the evening and we have to ride against the wind so we’re happy to be back at the car. At the B&B we order delivery pizza and read.

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