to Compostella (for 13 km)

After our bicycle adventures we feel it’s time for something else and plan a walk. Fernando recommends to do a part of the coastal walking path that goes to Compostella. At the B&B it’s raining and there’s a low cloud cover, so the local walks will not allow nice views. We prepare our sandwiches and take off by car. We park in Zumaia and take the bus to Zarautz, carrying a back pack with our lunch, some nuts, rain jackets etc. I also have my camera bag with the new 24mm on the camera and mom’s old 75-300mm lens.

The old Compostella path is very uneven and rocky, but it climbs up the hills above the coast line and affords great views of the coast and hills. Parts of it are really steep, so we go pretty slow. The weather is changeable, but it remains dry. By lunch we’re in Getaria, where we have an expensive meal at the local asador, while it pours rain outside. The rain stops just in time when we leave to get back to the trail. The total walk is about 13 km. it was definitely a good idea to come to the coast, since it’s still raining when we get to the B&B. we have a meal composed of delicatessen bought in Getaria and watch the semi-finales of Eurovision.

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