Setting off


On Sunday morning we start the actual packing and we manage to get most of the clothes packed away before we have to leave for the first communion of Xander, Arne’s nephew. We’ve resolved to limit the volume, so that we can stack everything in the trunk under the soft cover, so that it doesn’t look like we’re fully loaded and present a less juicy target for thieves when it’s parked outside. This means actually choosing which clothes to take, instead of just taking everything.


We get up at six on Monday, after breakfast Arne loads the car while I wash up the breakfast dishes and organize some last minute supply of nut mix and chocolate. After calling goodbye to the cats (they’ve already gone to sleep in their usual hiding places) we can take off around eight.

Though it’s sunny in Belgium, we get more rain the further south we go through Germany. There are many stretches with speed limits, but some occasions to try out the horse power of the new car. We switch drivers every two hours and arrive in Salzburg around five pm. We had already decided to walk to town from the B&B to stretch our legs, so even though it is still raining we set off towards the restaurant we had found via tripadvisor. Food is very Austrian, but in a good way. It rains even harder while walking back, but we were prepared so don’t get too wet in our rain gear.

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