1000 km to go

We have breakfast at eight. The Mas des Loges is a very nice place, with modern rooms and a very nice courtyard. We have breakfast outside with fresh local products and can leave around 9. I drive the first shift, it takes about an hour on curvy roads to get to the highway. Traffic is very busy with tourists until Lyon but fortunately calmer afterwards.

We drive in shifts of about 2 hours and chat to make the time go faster. We are still listening to the MNM top 1000 but Spotify keeps crashing, meaning that you have to scroll the whole list to find the song you were listening to. It’s very sunny, but the temperature drops as we go north. In the Cevenne it was about 25° (at nine in the morning), around Brussels it was only 15° and cloudy.

We arrive home around 8 pm. When we go in to say hi to the cats George immediately comes down for a hug, Alpha hides under the bed and meows at us. She deigns to sniff my hand when I hold it out to her, so I can tell she’s happy we’re back.

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