Today will be mainly filled with eating, so we plan carefully. Breakfast around 8, then a small walk through the fields to the next hamlet to work up an appetite. Back at the hotel we get installed in the bar where Arne reads and I continue with the almost-ending job of sorting pictures and writing this log. Lunch at 12h30 is a buffet with among other things an excellent fennel soup. Back to the bar for more reading/sorting/writing, then to our separate massage appointments at 14h35. I have sizeable kinks in my shoulder muscles, probably from carrying the backpack and driving, but the masseur manages to improve matters.

Then time for cake (more reading/writing) and our afternoon activity to work up an appetite again. We swim – actually Arne’s swims while I practice my form as I promised to my swim coach – have a Jacuzzi, a hammam and a shower to get clean again. At 7 pm we have a reservation in the gourmet restaurant, which was recently awarded with a Michelin star. Tomorrow 800 km to home, but hopefully light traffic since it will be Saturday.

Today’s statistics : 7.865 steps, 5,55 km, 34 floors

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