to the Rhein valley

The total driving time to our destination Grafenau in the Bayerischer Wald is estimated by Google Maps to be 9 hours for 800 km. because we don’t want to drive all day, we’ve decided to leave on Thursday afternoon and do a short stop.

Arne’s car is supposed to get its winter tires and scheduled maintenance on Thursday morning and due to a delay in the workshop we get the car back only around 3 pm. We load up and set off for Schloss Schönberg in Oberwesel. We have a couple of traffic jams in Belgium, so when we arrive at the hotel around 8 pm we are kindly requested to hurry up and get down to the restaurant for our gourmet dinner. The hotel is in an old castle, so it’s full of small hallways, rooms with funny shapes and towers. We actually get a map that shows the different sections of the castle and how to get there. We sleep (badly) at the top of the tower in a round room with a great view of the Rhein river valley and the Burg Pfalzgrafenstein in the middle of the river. fff

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