Aussichtsstein & Baumwipfelpfad

As I’m not entirely recovered from a respiratory infection we decide to start off easy. After a decent breakfast from the buffet, we take the car to the Kurpark in Grafenau. We’ve checked the weather forecast and we’re prepared for cold weather: I have three layers of wool and a down body warmer on top, with woolen leggings underneath jogging pants and mountain shoes, plus a woolly hat and gloves. When we get out of the car we are amazed at the cold. The car says it’s -4° but it feels colder.

There is some conflicting info about the path to follow, however I have downloaded the map of the whole of Bayern into Wikiloc so I can see exactly where we are and where we want to go. There is about 10 of snow and only the roads are cleared, so there are some slippery moments when going uphill in places where the snow has been compacted into ice.

The sun is out, so we have perfect walking conditions. We walk up the hill to the Aussichtsstein, which turns out to be a rock with a view. The indications of the road are not always very clear, but we can easily follow the footsteps of earlier walkers to guess the route. We miss once, but decide to turn back because we really want to see that Aussichtsstein. We encounter a few other walkers, locals with big dogs (this will be a constant during this holiday), but mostly we’re alone and it’s very quiet, no sound of wind or wildlife. We have plans to lunch at the Baumwipfelpfad, so we have a quick snack, sharing a raw bar between us.

After the walk (7,5 km with a difference in elevation of 175 m) we drive to Neuschönau. We have a sausage and bread lunch and walk the Baumwipfelpfad, which is a wooden walkway elevated between the tree tops. There is a great 360° view from the top of the egg like structure. Back at the parking lot we inquire with the park ranger station about the condition of the roads and paths. It seems that some roads are closed due to snow but most hiking paths should be accessible with mountain shoes. We get leaflets with maps and short descriptions, so we can compare and pick.

view from the top of the Baumwipfelpfad

On the way back to the hotel we find a grocery store in Grafenau and pick up lunch for tomorrow and some extra Kleenex for me. Dinner today is a 5-course meal with candle light. We’re learning that we get so much food that eating everything might be technically possible, but ill advised.

  • Steps : 19243
  • Floors : 103
  • Kilometers : 13.59

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