a walk through the zoo

Wake-up alarm at 7 am, breakfast around 8 am is becoming our habit. We try to leave around 9 am to maximize the daylight hours. Since it starts getting dark around 4 pm, you need to start early enough.

Today we walk through the Tier-Freigelände, which is a free zoo spread over 2 km². the enclosures are huge and far apart, so it’s more like a long hike with the occasional peek of animals. We get very lucky with the lynxes, which are out and about. Turns out they are waiting for lunch, so we even get to see one dragging away its haunch of deer.

The wisents are hidden, but the boar are out and come very close to the path – which runs through their enclosure without a separation between the path and actual wildlife. The bird enclosures are similar: there is a gate to get into to enclosure but no glass between the path and birds. A tiny owl is sitting cutely on a branch placed in the path. The marter is behind glass because apparently, they will bite.

We share a raw bar between the elks (also hidden) and the wild cat, in a sunny cabin sheltered from the wind. For lunch we clear a bench of snow and have our falafels and humus. From our experience yesterday we’ve learned that taking a bottle of water results in a very cold drink, so now we have tea.

Back at the hotel we take a sauna and a hot shower to warm up again and have a quiet evening with our books.

  • Steps : 13971
  • Floors : 59
  • Kilomters : 9.86

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