no hiking today !

Today is our day off, so we are determined to get up late and not do too many steps. We leave for Passau around 10 am and follow the two-lane road down to the Donau. The temperatures must have been very low during the night, because the trees are thickly covered with hoarfrost and make a very Christmassy view. Further down there is no more snow nor frost, but the sky remains overcast.

In Passau, we visit the baroque cathedral, which boast the largest church organ in the world – according to their website. It is extremely shiny, probably because it was constructed only in the 1920s. we take a walk on the promenade next to the Inn river and have lunch in a German Imbiss. We nose around in the Christmas market and have a piece of Apfelstrüdel with vanilla sauce in a trendy Konditorei. We take the long way back to the car around 3 pm and have a quiet evening with the books and again an extremely sumptuous dinner. Dessert is a cinnamon waffle with ice and chocolate sauce. The edge of the plate is decorated with chocolate writing: Happy Nikolaus.

  • Steps : 9496
  • Floors : 34
  • Kilometers : 6.7

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