Altdorf to Basel

The weather is grey and foggy, but by the time we set off (after a disappointing breakfast) it’s starting to clear up. We drive towards the Trümmelbach waterfalls, following a picturesque highway passing by lakes and through tunnels.

The drive up to the falls is very nice, with views of the canyon valley and snowy mountaintops beyond. We’re pretty early, so there’s still parking available right near the entrance. The falls are spectacular, the total throughput is not so big (in the valley it’s just a small river), but the water worms itself through some pretty tight turns in the mountain.

Important Note: this is where the journal ends. The photos/text below and for the remaining posts from this trip are written in 2019, when I added the journal to the blog

After the falls, we do a little detour to Grindelwald, just to see the mountains
we stop by Spiez castle and visit the gardens, I think we had lunch in the harbour
then on to Oberhofen castle, where we visit the even bigger gardens

We picked a hotel easily accessible by car in Basel, so we can just drive up to it, park the car in the hotel garage and check in, when for some reason we get an upgrade. To wrap up the day, a walk through the old town and a fancy dinner.

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