Basel to Colmar

Important Note: I did not write this during the journey, but only in 2019 when adding the journal to the blog.

We leave the car at the hotel and walk to the Basel zoo, arriving just at opening time. We spend most of the day here, having a sausage in a bun for lunch.

We have some time left and not that much driving to do, so at my request we take a little detour to see the Vitra Campus. It’s a Sunday and the factory is closed, but that’s not a problem since I’m here from the modern architecture anyway. We walk around the campus and pop in to see some of the exhibitions, just admiring the buildings and enjoying the sun.

We drive north on German side of the Rhine, then cross towards Mulhouse and a final easy high way stretch to Colmar, where we check in to a Best Western near the train station. We walk around the charming old town amid the throngs of tourists and decide to escape to the hotel for dinner. Arne has a local specialty made of calf’s head.


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