to Bouillon

today we have only one goal: have a nice dinner and evening at the Auberge du Moulin Hideux, which is a Relais & Chateaux hotel with a Michelin star restaurant. The weather forecast is great, so we decide to hike around Bouillon to work up an appetite.

We leave from home around 11 am, because we were not prepared at all. Breakfast at ease, packing, tidying up the house, etc. We have lunch stuff prepared, Arne goes to the bakery to get pistolets and then we’re ready to leave. It’s a two hour drive to get to Bouillon, traffic is light but annoying: tourists and Sunday drivers that don’t behave.

We park at the church in Bouillon, feeling lucky because we found a parking spot near the area where our Wikiloc walk starts. We have lunch first, sitting on a low wall , admiring the view of Bouillon village and the surrounding hills, but then take off on foot following the Wikiloc trail through the village, into the woods on the banks of the Semois river.

The woods are just turning into their autumn colours and the leaves are crunching underfoot. There are some other people about but not that many, so it’s pretty quiet though we don’t see a lot of birds or forest animals. We spot a crayfish in the river, two squirrels in the distance and some funny birds, but no big animals – they must be sleeping or hiding from the hunters. We have a great view of Bouillon castle and village near the end of the walk, right before the trail on Wikiloc gets confusing, causing us to go down, then up again and down a steep hill trying to find the correct route.

We arrive at the hotel around 4 pm, a champagne bottle delivered to our room right after arrival – a suprise to Arne for our wedding anniversary tomorrow. We have a swim, try out the hammam, enjoy a romantic bath and are now sitting in the lounge enjoying the last of the champagne with some appetizers. Dinner is on the way!

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