Mersch to home

Important Note: I did not write this during the journey, but only in 2019 when adding the journal to the blog.

After a leisurely breakfast we set out on the last leg of our trip home. We follow the Valley of the Seven Castles. The drive itself is charming: green fields and forests, blue skies, little villages with each their own castle. We do a quick tour of Pettingen castle, then drive on to Useldange. The castle here is pretty much a ruin, but one of the towers is well preserved and holds an interesting exhibition of the castle history.

Burg Useldange

We take a bit more time at the new castle at Ansembourg, to visit the beautiful gardens looking out over the river.

the gardens at Ansembourg castle

To finish: the ruins of Koerich castle. Some work is ongoing and it’s obviously not a big tourist destination.

Koerich castle

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