a day to rest

we dawdle until eight thirty and have a nice breakfast downstairs in the small hotel. we dawdle some more – today we have nothing but time – and then set off by bike to Beaune, about five kilometers away. it feels very strange to cycle without the packs, it goes so quickly and easy up the hills. the weather is changeable, some sun, lots of clouds and the usual threat of rain showers, but we brazen it out and make it through the whole day without having to put on a rain jacket, though once we have to make a run to safety.

we park the bikes and take a walk through the small city of Beaune, visiting the Hotel Dieu, a medieval hospice with a famous coloured tile roof. I buy a dozen postcards for my penpals from a local watercolor painter, she has great paintings of vegetables as well, I would like to have one in my kitchen. we have lunch at a sushi bar, plucking small dishes from a moving line constantly replenishment by the cook behind the counter. when cycling back to the hotel in Pommard for our massage appointment the weather is almost summery, so I write my postcards out by the pool under a sunshade. the massage helps loosen my leg muscles, especially my calves are pretty stiff. ready for the ride to Dijon tomorrow!

  • total distance: 420,6 km
  • distance today: 9 km
  • cycling hours today: 0:43 h
  • average speed today: 12,3 km/h

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