to Dijon

we wake up to a clear blue sky, the weather predictions show nothing but sun! after cleaning our bikes a little to get the mud, grass and sand out of the chain and gears we set off towards Dijon, following small roads through the vineyards. we hop from one little village to the next, each one has a famous chateaux and famous sounding wine houses. we stop for a little maintenance: oil on the bike chains and sun screen lotion spf 50 on our exposed skin.

the hills are not too steep but we have a fierce head wind, so we take it slow and take regular breaks on one of the benches dotted around the landscape. we buy bread, cheese and a tartelette at a bakery but the cheese turns out be bad, so lunch is dry bread and dessert, which at least should give us enough energy to make it to Dijon.

we arrive around four, after a quick shower we take a walk around the historical town center, it’s stuffed with castles, churches and multi-coloured rooftops, very cute. we’re going out for a fancy dinner tonight, fortunately I washed some of our clothes yesterday so even though we won’t look very fancy, at least we’ll smell clean!

  • total distance: 468,6 km
  • distance today: 49 km
  • cycling hours today: 3:51 h
  • average speed today: 12,7 km/h

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