Road trip to Sweden

We’re meeting up with some friends in Sweden end of July and will spend a couple of days catching up, taking sauna’s, watching the kids play and generally taking it easy. We could of course fly there just for the midweek but we figured a little adventure is in order so we’re taking a road trip!

It’s about 1400 km if you take the shortest possible route and for my American friends this may seem like peanuts, but there so much to see on the way that we’ve planned four days to get there and four days back, visiting the north of Germany and parts of Denmark. We’re leaving next Wednesday and so far we’ve booked a ferry (can’t risk it having no room) and a couple of hotels, but we don’t really have a fixed route in mind.

Of course I took the opportunity to do some research, so I’ve marked all the UNESCO world heritage sites and lots of nice castles on the virtual map and that will be our guide. Where we stop and how much of an effort we make will depend solely on the mood of the minute!

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