on the road again

we have a busy morning: I’m working until noon while Arne prepares the house for a two week absence. We had such a busy time the last days that we still have to pack when I get off from work. This however motivates us to pack quickly: usually we would dither and doubt about how many socks, which pants and tshirts to take, but now there is no time so we make quick decisions – these are usually the best anyway.

Arne manage to stow everything in such a way that we can fit everything neatly in the trunk without spilling over visibly unto the back seats, that seems a bit safer since we will be leaving the car with all its luggage around continuously, while visiting stuff on the road. we take off around one o’clock, destination Nordkirchen castle!

we put on a Spotify radio based on Pearl Jam, so it’s mostly classic rock all the way to the castle. lots of trucks, some traffic jams, even a few drops of rain, though the temperature stays above 30° C mostly and we park in a shady spot near the castle around five. it turns out Nordkirchen castle is completely occupied by a college, but we enjoy a short stroll around the grounds. it’s waaay to warm to do more, so we move on to the next challenge: finding a Umweltplakette, which allows us to drive the car into the centre of Münster town. after trying a couple of stores we’re sent to the local inspection office, where our persistance is rewarded with a free sticker – the card reader is not functioning and the guy really just wants to close up the store.

Münster is a fun town, we drop of our luggage in our hotel smack in the middle of town and hop out to see the sights and find something to eat. after walking past the old town hall and beautiful Dom, we sit down for some traditional German food with a glass of local beer at Grossen Kiepenkerl and walk back to the hotel the long way around, via the Aasee (the lake of the river Aa).

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  1. […] After lunch it continues up, up, up though I’m willing to admit that might be a perception issue due to the tiredness and the diverse little aches. The sun comes out and it gets hotter, but then we’re soothed by a soft, short rain shower. At one point we have both sun and rain at the time time, it looks great. We see Schloss Nordkirchen, one of the highlights of the tour, and it turns out we’ve already visited it! Well, walked around it at least, it’s a college for finance studies and not open to the public, we were here in 2018 – have a look at my post of that day. […]


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