I have mentioned this before, but it’s worth repeating: it’s very hot out here. the newspapers tell us it’s hot all over the world and Belgium has had the hottest Friday July 27th ever! I believe Frederikshavn and Göteborg actually might be relatively cool because they’re right at the seaside and there is a refreshing breeze, but even so the heat is quite exhausting. we hop on the ferry around eight in the morning and actually spend the second hour and a half below decks because the sundeck is too chilly, the irony. we arrive in Göteborg around noon, drop off our car at the hotel, put on a load of sunscreen and then visit the town on foot.

it’s quite a charming city, with many canals, big old buildings and bit of park strewn all over the city. we have lunch at Brogyllen  in town and it seems to me a typical Swedish flavour: dark bread with smoked salmon, shrimp cocktail and eggs on it, with a cream and dill sauce. near the Kronhuset we spy a chocolate shop and share a fudge/chocolate bar as dessert.

we walk on and visit the city park with its rosarium and the tropical greenhouse – it’s actually a bit cooler inside than outside – and then hike up to Skansen Kronan, which has nice views over the old town. even though we take frequent breaks on shady benches, we’re pretty tired so we head back for a tepid shower and a rest in the hotel room. we spent so much time walking barefeet in sandals that we each have a blister on our foot – in the same spot, talk about  being in tune! dinner on the hotel terrace, the briefest of walks to the waterfront and early to bed..


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