Neue Deutsche Härte

after a comfortable night’s sleep in the air-conditioned hotel room and a breakfast on the rooftop terrace, we walk back to the car park with our luggage. it’s a week day so there’s quite some movement in town, even though all the shops are still closed at this hour of nine. in the spirit of road tripping, we put on some German music and start a Spotify radio based on Rammstein’s Ich Will. the playlist consists of different groups that all sound very similar, so we get curious and find out on Wikipedia that Rammstein was the inspirition for a genre of metal called Neue Deutsche Härte – which translates to New German Hardness – and it seems this style is still alive and kicking, with recent albums scoring well across german speaking countries.

the morning drive is uneventful, long stretches of smooth driving interrupted by road works with traffic jams, all of this in temperatures above 30° C and we’re thankful to the German car engineers for our air-conditioning and seat cooling. Lunch consists again of roadside food, though this time it’s not particularly fast since we have to queue at the gas station. lots of scandinavions driving about in this region, often trailing a mobilhome.

we arrive at Glücksburg around two, just missing the guided tour, though we’re not very sorry since it turns out that takes about two hours. the inside of the castle is wonderfully cool and we do a quick tour, visiting the furnished rooms and enjoying the views over the large artificial lake. we resort to Wikipedia again when we get confused about who was who in these royal/ducal/imperial family: they married into royal families all over Western Europe, except the Belgian one!

it’s another three hour’s drive to our final destination of the day, crossing most of Denmark from bottom to top and arriving in Frederikshavn around seven. we have a nice dinner in town, but a bad night in the hot and stuffy room. we’re hoping our next hotels have air-conditioning, it’s just not something you take into account on when going to Scandinavia.

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