trees and lakes

a much better night! it was a lot cooler and we experimentally discovered the best window configuration to maximize airflow and minimize bug intake, so we feel a bit more awake come morning. we conclude that the main disadvantage of sleeping in a zoo is the amount of children running around the breakfast buffet, nevertheless we manage to assemble a nice plate of scrambled eggs, korv (sausages) and kavring (dark bread).

we set off north, on our second try to locate the Fossum rock carvings. these turn out to be a bit different: it’s a set that obviously belongs together and must have been made by one person or at least in a short period of time. a short distance away we find the famous sun horse – at least we find the rock on which it’s supposed to be, but for some reason the carvings here have not been colored by the museum, to it’s actually impossible to spot it. the museum guide explained yesterday that they add the red color to the carving to make them easier to study for the academics and easier to view for the tourists, apparently they were not painted originally, but were visible as whitish marks against dark grey weathered rock.

we’re meeting friends in Västergötland and drive south over Uddevalla and Trollhättan, with a brief stop at Läcko Slott for a walk around the castle. it is beautifully situated on a rocky peninsula and supposedly has nicely decorated rooms, but we are too lazy to visit. the sky and sun conspire to present a perfect picture of the castle from the quai.

further west we drive for an hour on local roads to get to Tiveden through forests of ash, rowan, birch and oak, arranged prettily around the ever present lakes. we’re sure to jump into one today or tomorrow, they look so refreshing.

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