more trees and lakes, but also giant rocks

our first day together, a group of eight adults and four children between zero and nine years old. we’re divided over two holiday homes right next to each other, otherwise there’s nothing nearby but a farm or two, lots of trees and lakes, it’s wonderfully peaceful. the temperature tonight was pretty warm, but open windows and doors kept it to a bearable degree.

we have breakfast around nine and set off to Vitsand Badplats in the Tiveden National Park. We selected the second easiest way, since the descriptions are a bit intimidating: the estimated time for Tärnekullerondan is 1 hour and it’s 1,3 km long, so we’re expecting an obstacle course. we set off with the children in the fore, climbing over the rocks and finding the colourful trail markers. it’s a fun walk, indeed a bit of an obstacle cours with giant rocks thrown around, overgrown by trees, moss and fern.

we make a detour to visit the Junker Jägares Sten, which sticks out like a giant crooked tooth, deposited there by a glacier aeons ago. the kids crawl all over and under it, fortunately the thing hasn’t moved for ages and there’s little risk of getting crushed. we’re starting to look forward to the lake at the end of the trail, expecting it to be a refreshing balm for our warm, sweaty bodies. we find a spot in the shadows and spend the next couple of hours hopping in and out, playing with beach balls and an inflatable crocodile.

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