a long hike

if I start every post with a comment about the weather, it’s because it really determines what we decide to do. since today promises to be a bit cooler but probably free of rain, we have a longer walk planned. we make our lunch in the morning: bread with cheese and ham, a bit of mayonaise and a slice of cucumber. we pack our swimming gear in the car just in case we have time afterwards for a swim.

the Stigmansrundan leaves from the main entrance and goes up and down, over and under the big boulders scattered around the Tiveden national park. you can find the trail here on Wikiloc, it’s a beautiful walk through mixed pine/deciduous forests carpeted with moss and shrubs with blueberries. it’s sunny but not too warm: perfect for this kind of hike, where we mainly stay under the trees, though the clambering up and down the rocks is pretty intense. the kids don’t mind and run ahead to figure out where the trail goes and come back to show us the berries they have picked. we do keep a close eye because the terrain is very craggy and might hide holes big enough to swallow a kid.

about halfway we have our sandwiches looking out over one of the many lakes, studying the red ants scurrying about and taking pictures with the lake in the background. we continue on to the Stenkälla – a source under a huge rock which is now dry – and a viewpoint before arriving back at the parking lot. at the end everybody’s pretty tired, but we manage one more song of ten little soldiers to entertain the kids.

we make the short hop to Vitsand beach and spend the rest of the afternoon in and by the lake and then stop by the Lanthandel in Sannerud for hamburger/hotdog supplies. the kids spend most of the evening gathering blueberries in the forest next to the holiday home.

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