a day on the lake

today might be a bit rainy, so we’ve planned an activity that includes getting wet anyway. we have to drive all the way to Karlsborg, since the kayak rental on Stora Trehörningen is closed due to a scouts camp and the local camping kayaks – on lake Unden – are booked for the day. in Karlsborg we rent three canoes: the kids insist on going together in one of them, the adults divide themselves accordingly, though the baby stays behind with his parents. we paddle at a good speed towards the first of the islands on lake Bottensjön, where we hop out for a little pause. the kids try to skip stones on the surface but the rocks are the wrong shape.. the way back is a bit more demanding, must be because of the currents in the lake – the kids are saved from boredom by loud singing of the ten little soldiers song (Dutch version).

we go past our landing point and through the Gota canal to have a look at the Karlsborg Fästning and wrap up after about three hours. we stop at a supermarket to get supplies for pizza and cook while enjoying an aperitive of chips and gin & tonic. the evening passes quickly, some of us cook, others entertain the kids or hold the baby, others sort out the pictures and write a blog post. we finish up with a game of Code Names.

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