maybe a bit boring, but I found the huge grassy plain of Maiden Castle impressive.
It looks huge and you only realize it’s the inside of a fort when you’re standing on the ramparts.



  • the three sausage day in the Lake District: two tiny ones for breakfast with an omelette, one big one in a bun at the top of Kirkstone pass and one for dinner with mashed potatoes
  • Sunday roast: is advertized in every inn, we have the opportunity to try it on our Sunday in Bath and it was good


I learned a lot from the free guided tours, Wikipedia and a few books I bought along the way in museum shops. I think I’m starting to see the time line of the Roman conquest of the English island..


It seems we took the STEEPEST ROAD IN ENGLAND !! We didn’t plan it and didn’t even know it until afterwards.. The road to Hardknott pass (with a Roman fort that we did not find) has parts with a gradient of 33% – meaning for each three meters you drive forward, the road goes up one meter as well. On top of that, it was very curvy and really narrow. There were times I wasn’t sure the length of the car would fit around the bend. I was a passenger and when I noticed I was holding my breath for too long I resorted to breathing exercises.


1 thought on “Highlights”

  1. Febe! Your blog is awesome! I received your postcard today and immediately checked your blog to see if you had written about your latest travels. I think I’ve told you that I took a grand tour of England, Wales, and Scotland in 1998, so I visited many of the places you just visited. Very cool!! My memory of a few of those places was getting fuzzy, so it was nice to see your pictures and read your entries, which helped to jump-start my memory some. I would love to do that tour again. I will look forward to your next letter!


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