To North Macedonia

It used to be called FYROM: The Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, but recently they have come to an agreement with Greece and the country is now officially known as North Macedonia. I’m travelling for work to the capital Skopje for the fourth time in as many years, each time spending a few weeks working with my colleagues there during the day and exploring the city and country during evening and weekends.

The destination must be becoming more popular because for the first time I have been able to book a direct flight: Eindhoven to Skopje in 2h40. A lot quicker and a bit more relaxing than flying over Warsaw or Ljubljana, as in the case of two flights you either have to wait a long time for your connection or risk missing it.

The country has a fascinating history that I’ve been learning about bit by bit, by visiting some of the museums in Skopje itself, archealogical sites in the country or just by reading books and Wikipedia pages. I’ve visited most of the major sights in Skopje town already – some twice over – so this time I want to try to get to the little known aqueduct outside of town. I also want to learn a bit more about the history of the city itself, so I’ll visit the Skopje City Museum near the mall. I’ll let you know all about it!

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