Wesel – Summary

It was just four days, but seemed pretty long, which is a good thing for a holiday. I only had a tablet with me so the writing didn’t go so smooth and I couldn’t get the pictures of the reflex digital camera, so the trip was not as well documented as usual. Home now, all pictures sorted and blog posts redacted, so time for a small summary:


  • a roe deer in Dämmerwald forest
  • a tiny mouse foraging in the grassy roadside
  • storks, herons and masses of song birds, including some tiny wrens
  • big birds of prey, as well as a few kestrels


  • excellent lunch in Düsseldorf at Yoshi by Nagaya
  • decent German food at the Q-Stall

intensive but relaxing at the same time, because of all the cycling. It’s a beautiful area to visit with excellent routes for cyclists, might come back sometime..

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