Flexible loop

Up at seven thirty today, though I woke up a few times before that (again). We’re close by a road with quite some traffic, plus we slept with the windows open to cool the room down, hence the hiccups. We take our entire electronics stock down for breakfast: phone & tablet for organising the day,… Continue reading Flexible loop

Down from the Wurmberg

Alarm at seven, breakfast at eight. I remember that I have two bananas here, left over from home, and decide to have a toasted bread slice with choco and then banana slices on top. It's a small banana, but also a small slice, so the pieces are about 15 mm thick, takes some coordination to… Continue reading Down from the Wurmberg

A short way back home

Breakfast is served at the table in a large, empty dining room, I think we must be the only guests in this hotel. Some restaurant and hotel people say it's a bit quiet, but not too bad, mainly the foreign tourists are missing. Other hotel owners say it's been too quiet and are worried about… Continue reading A short way back home


The usual breakfast routine, the restaurant chef brings us a selection of fruits, cheeses and meats and makes us eggs on demand. Out before nine, we decide to do a little detour to see the Venner Moor nature reserve that gives the hotel its name. We can't see much of it from the road and… Continue reading Up

Views from hills

Up at seven, breakfast half an hour later, gone before nine. Today will probably the hottest day of the week and I prepped some packing yesterday, just so we could leave early enough. Arne wakes up a bit woozy, he's always been a bit bothered like that by antihistamines. Hopefully the grumpiness disappears during the… Continue reading Views from hills