Traffic jams

Normally these blog reports start with getting up from bed, but today I must admit I’ve been lazy and didn’t write yesterday about yesterday’s adventures, so this post kicks off with a summary. I can even be very brief, because it must have been one of the most frustrating holiday launches ever.

We finished our working day around four, pack up, hug the cats goodby and get in the car – so far so good. We set the destination address and see that the estimated driving time is about three hours, that’s twice as long as it should take! Turns out everybody is on the road and the highways around Antwerp are clogged up. We heave a deep sigh, call the hotel to postpone our dinner reservation and set off. An additional frustration is that our GPS system is somewhat older and does not know that some highway entries/exits are obsolete, so its proposals are not to be trusted. 25 min and 5 km later, I realise I forgot my fridge meds and we turn back.

We hug the cats again, briefly consider just staying home until late tonight, but decide we don’t want to give up our dinner plans and so set out again. Meanwhile traffic has gotten even worse and it takes us more than an hour to go the 30 km or so past Antwerp. When we finally arrive in Roermond, the GPS gets confused and we lose an extra 15 min getting around the one way streets to the hotel.

It’s eight thirty when we finally arrive, hungry and grumpy. The only light is that we already checked that the restaurant serves food until nine thirty, so we’ll have time for the three course menu that is included in our reservation. Food is nice, we ungrumpify about halfway and are in bed just before midnight. None of these events was picture worthy, so all you get is a map.

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