to Sizewell

Please note that this text was written by me and my mom in 2021, based on the journal written by my sister, who was then 9 years old.

We don’t sleep well, but then you never do the first night. The tourist office is open, but they don’t have a good map so they send us to a store nearby. My father goes up the hill to find the store and we wait nearby. When he gets back with the map, he shows us where we’re going and it looks very far: it’s one meter on the map! My father explains that two centimers is one kilometer in reality.

We drive to Felixtowe Ferry where we have lunch while waiting for the ferry. We cycle to Alderton, Hollesley, Butley, Snape and finally to Leiston where we’re planning to camp. The campground there is only for caravans, so we drive an extra mile to Sizewell.

N.B. the picture shows us picking strawberries in a field, but it’s not mentioned in the daily journal nor do we actually remember it..

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