to Alpheton

Up early and another breakfast of cornflakes, bread, bacon and eggs. We leave in a good mood and drive out of Cambridge on the bid road and a ring road, before driving past many small villages. Fulbourn, then Brinkley where we stopped for groceries, we have the wind in our backs the whole way. We… Continue reading to Alpheton

A swim, a visit to Cambridge and a giant ice cream

We sleep long, because it's a rest day. We get up at eight thirty, have corn flakes, bread, egg, sausage and bacon and then went swimming in the public pool. We could swim as long as we like, but we wanted to see the city. We vist a few colleges, that takes a long time… Continue reading A swim, a visit to Cambridge and a giant ice cream

Public transport to Felixtowe

Up at six thirty, then a quick breakfast before the short trip to the Herentals railway station. Our neighbour is kind enough to drop us off, the bikes and bike luggage on an open trailer. We have to switch trains twice (once we only had 17 minutes to transfer) but everything goes smoothly. In Zeebrugge… Continue reading Public transport to Felixtowe